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Volunteers needed every 1st Wednesday to Walk and Roll with the Roadrunners!

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We need your help to encourage and reward participation in our Walk/Bike/Roll or Park & Walk to school program this year! Volunteers needed every 1st Wednesday of the month this school year. Encourage our MHS children to adopt healthy habits and a cleaner environment through your support of this program

Volunteer Dates

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Volunteer as a Checkpoint helper for any or all of the Walk to School Wednesdays. Click here to see the dates and available times. Thank you!


Encourage participants and help track those who walked/biked/rolled or parked and walked to school today! As long as they start at least from your station their journey counts! Also, pick-up, hide & return “speedy” plushie @ office & place somewhere fun!


Contact our volunteer coordinator Erin Hernandez at


Want to start a walking school bus or bicycle train? See who else is walking across the U.S. and find out how you can promote safer routes and streets, healthier habits, and a cleaner environment here at MHS.