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Volunteer for your students class library time

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Sign up now to volunteer in the MHS Library during your student’s weekly library time. Starting the week of Tuesday Sept 6, volunteers mainly help out with book circulation (checking books in and out for students) and shelving returned books.

One volunteer is needed per session. Volunteer training is mandatory and will be provided by our librarian Ms. Blum on the following days and times:

Aug 29 Monday 2:45 pm

Aug 30 Tuesday 2:00 pm

Aug 31 Wednesday 2:30 pm

Sept 1 Thursday 9:30 am

Classroom Library Schedule

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Please check the Library Schedule to see your classroom's weekly time slot and click here to sign up. Ms. Blum would prefer a regular core group of volunteers who can commit to helping throughout the year.


One volunteer needed per session but multiple volunteers in one classroom can share this opportunity by setting up your own schedules and alternating by weeks or months.


Prior to your first day helping in the library, please attend one of the 15 minute volunteer training sessions offered by Ms. Blum. If you can't make any of the scheduled sessions, please contact Ms. Blum at to make alternate arrangements.


If your student is in TK or Kindergarten, please check back! These grade levels will begin the school year with read aloud and discussion time in the library. Ms. Blum will coordinate with these classrooms when they will start checking books out and needing volunteers. You can still attend a volunteer training now or Ms. Blum will offer more sessions later.