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Help with Costume Parade and Trunk or Treat

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Sign up to help with all the Halloween activities after school on Friday Oct 28

Trunk or Treat set up starts at 1:30 pm

Costume Parade starts at 2:30 pm

Be ready to hand out treats by 3:00 pm

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Be a Class Leader and help students line up with their grade and walk the parade together.


Help run a station at the parade.We need 7-14 volunteers to help lead their grades through the stations. We need volunteers who will just stay at the station and lead the activity, or volunteers that will lead the station with their group of kids. It will be really easy...nothing super challenging to lead. Email if you're interested! We can't do this without you!


Each grade will host a themed trunk for our first ever Trunk or Treat, Help your grade get bragging rights as the best trunk by helping to set up, hand out treats, or donating decorations. Get in touch with your room parents to get in on the fun.


Photographers and Videographers wanted! Take pictures or video(s) of the kids during the Halloween Costume parade to document all the fun! No special equipment required (cell phone video would be fine).