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One of the PTA’s roles that is often misunderstood is the importance of fundraising by the PTA to benefit the teachers and classrooms.

Teachers receive limited resources throughout the school year. Roadrunners Give Back is the MHS PTA initiative on Wish Night to fully bridge the gap between what our teachers have and what they want and need.

Our financial “ask” for Wish Night is $150 per child. This wish goes directly to your child’s classroom, grade level activities (such as field trips and technology subscriptions) and the MHS playground and school wide services available to all. We understand that some families will give less and some families will give more. Our goal is to have 100% of the families within the MHS community to donate something. Anything you decide to give is warmly welcomed and much appreciated.

All of the funds donated on Wish Night are used solely to support teachers and students, and these funds go directly towards enriching your child’s education at MHS. Teachers use PTA funds to purchase classroom supplies, books and materials.  The funds also cover the cost of many enrichment activities, including admission & transportation to field trips, technology purchases, sports equipment, social studies activities, cultural arts assemblies, STEM Night, reading software, and so much more.  

At Wish Night, MHS PTA also asks all of the parents to join together in making a financial contribution.  MHS PTA uses these funds to pay for field trips, to promote educational and cultural arts assemblies, to update books in the library, to provide for school equipment/supplies, and to support technology use at the school.  These donations directly contribute to our students and classrooms.  Without the funds raised for Wish Night, none of these programs would exist.

This year, our goal is to increase awareness of what PTA Funds are used for and to increase family participation for Wish Night donations. Wish Night is your best chance to make a difference in your child’s education this year.  Spending of PTA funds is discussed at the monthly PTA meetings.  All parents, teachers and staff are encouraged to attend to provide input about how PTA funds are allocated at MHS.

Donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution and our Tax ID Number is 956208429.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.  Wish Night funds are essential to continuing the enrichment programs that make our school a California Distinguished School and an excellent place for our children to learn and grow.

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